1) a.If it were thirsty, it would show some signs of it, wouldn't it?

     b.You won't learn to speak Turkish properly unless you don't come here and stay with us for a couple of months.

     c.If you go downtown, will you buy a few things for me?

     d.If it's convenient for you, let's meet at nine.

     e.I shan't write to him unless he writes to me.

2)a.A person who refused to eat would be dead within two or three months.

     b.What's the matter? You look as if you could do with a drink.

     c.Suppose he asked me for the money tomorrow!

     d.I feel as if my head were on fire.

     e.I wish I didn't break it. But since I have, I will pay for it.

3)a.You'd rather she didn't say anything, wouldn't you?

     b.He has his breakfast at eight, doesn't he?

     c.He couldn't have arrived before the others, could he have?

     d.I suppose he ought to have known that, oughtn't he?

     e.Let's pretend we're not here, shall we?  

4)a.Let me read it for you, will you?

     b."I feel very sorry for you!"  "Oh, you do, don't you?"

     c."I'd go quite mad if I had to live with you!"  "Oh, you would, would you?"

     d.I say, come and see me tomorrow. Now, will you or will you not?

     e."No, I won't listen to you!" "Oh, you won't, won't you?"

5)a."Have you got the tickets?"  "Yes, I've got."

     b.Haven't they got anything better to do?

     c.She got bitten by a stray dog.

     d.Haven't you got any cigarettes? Here. Have one of mine.

     e.Have you got to go back tonight?

6)a.Wouldn't you rather have something else instead.

     b.I wonder whose else would do instead.

     c.How else could it possibly be mended?

     d.Couldn't it be someone else's? All mine are here, safe and sound.

     e. Isn't there anyone else time you can waste instead of mine?

7)a.He was very sorry to hear of your disappointment.

     b.She hopes to know by tomorrow.

     c.I object to being pushed around.

     d.I'm looking forward to see you tomorrow.

     e.She was told not to come here ever again.

8)a.She is happy to have found such a nice place to live in.

     b.The last person to address me like that was in hospital for a whole week.

     c.I surprised to hear such words from you.

     d.We are supposed to be leaving this evening.

     e.She was afraid to go past the haunted house on her own.

9)a.I don't like having to do any homework.

     b.It's no use asking him to lend you the money.

     c.I hate practising reading aloud without having learnt the new words first.

     d.I'm considering giving up smoking one of these days.

     e.It's a good thing that it has stopped to rain.

10)a.Do you know how to make Turkish coffee?

        b.A lawyer advised me what to do.

        c.I can't imagine why are you so angry with me.

        d.We just don't know what to open it with.

        e.My friend couldn't remember where to go.


11)a.She doesn't understand how to do the exercise.

        b.I don't know who she is speaking to.

        c.A lawyer advised me not to do.

        d.I wish I knew what the world is coming to.

        e.I'm beginning to get really cross now. Don't you know who you're talking to?

12)a.Whoever says that is a liar.

        b.I'll follow you wherever you go.

        c.I'll do whatever you tell me to.

        d.We were warmly welcomed wherever we went.

        e.Eat whatever you like it.

13)a."Have you ever had any kidney trouble?"  "Not that I know of."

        b."Has she ever stayed here before?"  "Not that I know of."

        c.You can have the lot, for all I care.

        d.Yes, he may bring along a friend, as far as I'm concerned.

        e.You can stay here, as long as you are quite.

14)a.I can't come with you, because I haven't got a ticket.

        b.Since we're early, let's have a drink first.

        c.As you've been here before, you'd better lead the way.

        d.You can't expect him to know the story seeing that he hasn't read it.

        e.For it's nearly bedtime, we must finish the game soon.  

15)a.The journey, as I recall it, was long and tedious.

        b.We were at a disadvantage in that they outnumbered us two to one.

        c.You may do it whichever way you choose to.

        d.Your friend climbs trees as a monkey.

        e.This time, he didn't fail to respond the way we wanted him to.


16)a.Bad as things are, we mustn't give up hope completely.

        b.Being a mother herself, she'll understand your predicament.

        c.No matter how bad things are, we oughtn't to giving up hope completely.

        d.Things being as they are, unfortunately the economy shows no signs of an early recovery.

        e.However rich some people are, they never seem to be satisfied with their lot.

17)a.The answers must be written on one side of the paper only.

        b.You're wanted to help lay the table.

        c.I was punished for something I didn't do it.

        d.The matter will be fully discussed tomorrow.

        e.Not a sound was heard afterwards.

18)a.This matter must certainly be looked into.

        b.To the students were told to wait outside.

        c.We will all be addressed several questions.

        d.The light was left on all night.

        e.Weren't you told to be here by six?

19)a.Money is generally assumed to bring happiness.

        b.The orchestra is said to have played that piece beautifully.

        c.Afterwards, we were treated to some ice-cream.

        d.The thief was given a fair trial to him and sent to prison.

        e.Don't let yourself be laughed at.

20)a. She asked if that was the postman, hoping that he had a letter for her.

        b.Hey! Look out! There's a car coming!

        c.What on earth has happened here?

        d.He asked me if I thought she would go out with him, and I said I thought she would...

        e.Oh, my goodness! What have you done your hair!


Here is your key to the answers. Go back to the questions and try to analyze where you went wrong. If terribly unsure, you can always send me e-mail for clarification.


01. b

06. e

11. c

16. c



02. e

07. d

12. e

17. c



03. c

08. c

13. e

18. b



04. b

09. e

14. e

19. d



05. a

10. c

15. d

20. e