1)"Neither you nor I understood what he was saying," means: --

a.Both you and I understood what he was saying.

b.Either you or I understood what he was saying.

c.You didn't understand what he was saying. I didn't either.

d.You understood what he was saying, and so did I.

e.You didn't understand what he was saying, but I did.  

2)"There must have existed a logical reason behind that purchase," means: --

a.There might not have been a logical reason behind that purchase.

b.A logical reason must exist behind that purchase.

c.I feel certain that there was a logical reason behind that purchase.

d.One must always look for a logical reason behind such purchases.

e.A logical reason should be looked for behind such purchases.

3)"They needn't have bought that book," means: --

a.They keep buying such books.

b.They didn't buy the book.

c.They didn't have to buy the book.

d.That book needed to be bought by them.

e.They bought the book.  

4)"She didn't need to worry about her husband," means: --

a.She worried about her husband.

b.Her husband didn't need her to worry about him.

c.Her husband needed her to worry about himself.

d.Her husband needed to be worried about by his wife.

e.There was no reason for her to worry about her husband, and she didn't anyway.


5)"I'd much rather have watched TV at home," means: --

a.I was going to watch TV at home.

b.I didn't watch TV at home.

c.I couldn't watch TV at home even if I wanted to.

d.I made the mistake of watching TV at home.

e.I always prefer watching TV at home.  

6)"You could have done more than you did to help her wash the car," means: --

a.You helped her more than she asked for it.

b.You helped her as much as you could.

c.You didn't help her at all.

d.You wanted to help her as much as you could.

e.You helped her, but not much.  

7)Mark out the correct sentence:

a.The man who wants to see you is outside.

b.The man is outside who wants to see you.

c.The man who wants to see you he is outside.

d.The man wants to see you who is outside.

e.The man who is outside he wants to see you.

8)Mark out the correct sentence:

a.The man is Greek whose wife you just saw.

b.The man you just saw his wife is Greek.

c.The man whose Greek wife you just saw.

d.The man whose wife you just saw is Greek.

e.The man who is Greek you just saw his wife.  

9)Mark out the correct sentence:

a.I won't take this bus its windows are all broken.

b.I won't take the bus, which the windows are all broken.

c.I won't take this bus, the windows of which are all broken.

d.I won't take this bus, which the windows of are all broken.

e.I won't take this bus the windows of which are all broken.

10)Mark out the correct sentence:

a.Is that table big brown?

b.Is that big table brown?

c.Is that big brown table?

d.Is that table brown big?

e.Is it big that brown table?  

11)They were wondering what ............... .

a.was it that the man said

b.did the man want

c.was it wanted by the man was that the man wanted

e.was the man wanted

12)What did you think of the film ............... ?

a.that you saw it last week

b.if you saw last week

c.last week you saw it did see it last week saw last week

13)"Which bus are you going to catch?"  "............... ."

a.This bus is going to Konak

b.The 9:15

c.I got on the bus at 11:30

d.Many buses follow the same route

e.Because this one has got some engine trouble.

14)"What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a live gorilla?"  ".............. ."

a.Nothing is the matter. Never have I seen

b.Yes, I have ever seen

c.No, not never. It is the matter

d.Ever or never is that doesn't matter

e.Would you believe it if I said 'No' ?  

15)Choose the correct sentence:

a.He looked the children well after.

b.After he looked at the children well.

c.The children were well looked after.

d.He well looked after the children.

e.The children were looked after well.  

16)Choose the correct sentence:

a.By who was the book written?

b.Who the book was written by?

c.The book was written by who?

d.Who was the book written by?

e.Was the book written who by?

17)Choose the correct sentence:

a.The field was being carried off the injured player.

b.Being the injured player, the field was carried off.

c.Off was carried the field, being the injured player.

d.The player was injured, carrying off the field.

e.The injured player was being carried off the field.

18)Choose the incorrect sentence:

a.I wish I will be able to drive a car.

b.She wishes she knew my address.

c.I suggested that each team be given equal points.

d.If only she had asked for some advice !

e.He behaves as if he owned this place !

19)Choose the incorrect sentence:

a.Perhaps you'd let me know when your new stocks arrive.

b.You'd better not wait any longer.

c.It's time you bought yourself a new pair of shoes.

d.Would you be so kind as to kept me informed?

e.Candidates may not bring textbooks into the examination room.

20)Choose the incorrect sentence:

a.Let's not tell anyone.

b.You are to report for duty immediately.

c.Could you possibly lend me a hand with this car?

d."Let's go by taxi, shall we?" "Yes, let's do so."

e.The switchboard is to manned at all times.



01. c

06. e

11. d

16. d



02. c

07. a

12. e

17. e



03. e

08. d

13. b

18. a



04. e

09. c

14. e

19. d



05. b

10. b

15. c

20. e