Underline the correct answers: A, B, C or D as in the example 0.

0    Silvie _____ from Spain.

      A are          B am                      C is                        D be

1    I _____ from Canada.

      A are          B am                      C is                        D be

2    _____ your mother Italian?

      A Are         B Does                  C Is                        D Has

3    Your mother and father are your _____.

      A cousins   B uncles                C parents               D children

4    Are your sisters teachers? Yes, they _____.

      A is            B are                      C do                      D be

5    His _____ name is Stephen.

      A brothers  B brother               C brothers’            D brother’s

6    Paolo is from Rome. He _____ .

      A is Italian B is Italy                C are Italian           D from Italy

7    This is _____ book.

      A he’s        B him                    C his                      D he

8    _____ names are Tony and Mary.

      A We         B Us                      C Our                    D Ours

9    Peter _____up at seven o’clock every day.

      A get          B gets                    C is getting             D getting

10  Every morning I go for A_____.

      A breakfast      B walk             C shopping            D work

11  What _____ your mother do?

      A is            B does                   C do                      D are

12  I _____ go to school on Saturdays.

      A doesn’t   B not                     C am not                D don’t

13  My sister goes to bed late every night. She _____ goes to bed early.

      A never      B always                C sometimes          D often

14  He _____ eat breakfast at home.

      A isn’t        B don’t                  C doesn’t              D not

15  He likes _____ .

      A swim      B swimming          C swims                 D to swimming.

16  She always eats dinner _____ two o’clock.

      A in           B on                      C at                        D to

17  I often go out _____ Saturday evenings.

      A in           B at                        C to                       D on

18  She _____ two brothers.

      A have got B have                   C has got               D got

19I _____ got a computer.

      A not         B don’t                  C don’t have          D haven’t

20  Carole _____ a shower every day before breakfast.

      A has         B has got               C have                   D have got

21  My brother _____ my father. They’ve both got blue eyes and dark hair.

      A looks like     B looks            C look                   D look like

22  My brother _____ my mother. They are both very friendly.

      A looks like     B likes             C looks                  D is like

23  My sister lives in ___ old house.

      A the          B –                              C a                       D an

24My mother works in a school. _____ school is very big.

      A The        B –                              C A                  D An

25I _____ get up very early.

      A have got B have                   C do have              D have to

26_____ do homework every day?

      A You have to B Do you have to  C Do you have    D Have you got

27My brother _____ work very hard.

      A have to   B has to                 C hasgot              D has

28Policemen have to _____ a uniform.

      A make      B take                    C wear                   D work with

29We like our neighbours but they don’t like ____.

      A we          B our                     C ours                    D us

30My brother loves Jane but she doesn’t love ____.

      A his          B him                    C her                     D he

31_____ a car? – No, I can’t.

      A You can drive     B Can you drive     C Drive        D You drive

32She can’t _____ a computer.

      A using      B to use                 C use                     D used

33_____ flowers in your garden?

      A There are some      B Are there some       C Are there any D Is there any

34There _____ books in the living room.

      A is some   B are some            C are any               D is a

35Do you like _____ dogs?

      A the          B a                         C –                            D an

36There is a picture _____ the window and the door.

      A under     B between             C above                 D on

37How _____ money have you got?

      A many      B any                     C some                  D much

38There aren’t _____ people here.

      A much      B many                  C some                  D no

39We’ve got _____ eggs in the fridge.

      A many      B much                  C a lot of               D any

40Can you get me a _____of mineral water please?

      A packet    B bag                     C bottle                  D box

41  He _____ very shy at school.

      A was        B were                   C did                     D be

42Why _____you at school yesterday?

      A aren’t     B wasn’t                C isn’t                    D weren’t

43I _____ write my name when I was four.

      A can         B was                    C did                     D could

44He _____ to school by bus yesterday.

      A going      B went                   C goes                   D gone

45Where were you _____ night?

      A last         B yesterday           C ago                     D before

46I work hard because I don’t want to _____ my exams.

      A pass        B get                      C lose                    D fail

47My sister got a _____ in English from Oxford University.

      A degree    B exam                  C course               D grade

48Where did he _____ last summer?

      A go           B went                   C goes                   D going

49Did your dog _____ your dinner?

      A eat          B ate                      C eats                    D eating

50They _____ like the book I gave them.

      A didn’t     B not                     C weren’t               D wasn’t

51I don’t know _____ here.

      A somebody    B nobody        C nothing               D anybody

52What _____ now?

      A you are doing                       B you doing           C youdo D areyou doing

53She _____ her dinner at the moment.

      A eat          B eats                    C is eating              D eating

54This skirt is too small for me. I can’t do it _____.

      A up          B on                      C out                     D in

55Three people _____ jeans today.

      A wear       B are wearing        C is wearing          D wears

56These are your books and this one is _____ .

      A my         B me                      C mine                   D I

57Our room is here and _____ is there.

      A they’re         B there’s                 C their    D theirs

58You’re ____ at English than I am.

      A best        B good                   C the best              D better

59The exam is _____ than last year.

      A difficult  B most difficult     C moredifficult    D not difficult

60Do you think I’m _____ than Sara?

      A pretty     B prettiest              C theprettiest        D prettier

61Don’t forget to switch _____ the TV when you go to bed.

      A out         B on                      C off                     D down

62If you want to use e-mail, click_____ this icon.

      A up          B on                      C out                     D to

63What are you going to _____ tonight?

      A doing      B do                      C does                   D did

64We _____to stay in an expensive hotel.

      A going      B are going            C go                       D is going

65I _____ to do any work tonight.

      A not going      B aren’t going  C don’t go             D am not going

66We mustn’t _____ late. My mum is waiting.

      A be           B being                  C –                       D to be

67  I_____ do anything tomorrow. It’s a holiday.

      A mustn’t         B don’t have to       C haven’t got     D don’t have

68Don’t forget to _____ your swimsuit when you go on holiday.

      A book      B pack                   C stay                    D travel

69You should _____ careful at night. It’s dangerous in the dark.

      A –            B to be                   C being                  D be

70He _____ work so hard. He needs to relax.

      A should    B shouldn’t            C must                   D doesn’t have to

71_____ your homework yet?

      A Did you  B You did              C You have done  D Haveyou done

72We _____ to America last year.

      A have been    B did go           C have gone          D went

73She _____ to school yesterday.

      A didn’t go      B hasn’t come C doesn’t go          D hasn’t gone

74Where’s Paul? He’s _____ to the shops.

      A been       B went                   C go                       D gone

75They haven’t finished their dinner _____.

      A just         B yet                      C already               D ever

76Quick, sit down. The film has ____ started.

      A ever        B yet                      C just                     D never

77I’ve only been here one day and I’ve _____ met some really nice people.

      A ever        B yet                      C just                     D already

78Has she ever failed an exam? No, she _____.

      A hasn’t     B haven’t               C didn’t                 D hasn’t failed

79Do you often _____ sailing?

      A play        B do                      C –                            D go

80  They won two matches but they couldn’t _____ England in the final.

      A win         B won                    C beat                    D beaten

81Londonis on ____ River Thames.

      A –            B a                         C the                      D that

82Cornwall is in _____ of England.

      A south-west    B the south-west     C the west-south            D west-south

83  Have you ever been to ____ Africa?

      A An          B A                        C The                    D

84How many people _____ in your class?

      A there are B be there              C is there              D are there

85_____ the first man on the moon?

      A Who was      B Who did       C What was           D Who were

86_____ the number 38 bus go?  To the station.

      A When does   B Who does     C What does          D Where does

87The _____ today is 38 degrees.

      A temperature  B hot               C weather              D season

88One day I will _____ rich.

      A –            B be                       C being                  D to be

89She will _____ pass her driving test.

      A ever        B don’t                 C won’t                 D never

90The world _____ get cleaner.

      A don’t      B isn’t                    C won’t                 D hasn’t

91Will you move to another country? No, I _____ .

      A will         B don’t                  C won’t move        D won’t

92I’ll have a job ____ three years’ time.

      A at            B by                      C in                       D for

93Will you finish your work ___ next Saturday?

      A in           B by                      C at                        D to

94Pandas and whales are both _____ animals.

      A dangerous    B endangered  C danger                D dangerously

95She can sing very _____ .

      A more beautiful    B beautiful      C beautifully   D more beautifully

96  He’s a very _____ driver.

      A safe        B safely                 C safety                 D more safe

97Our teacher speaks really _____

      A quiet       B quietly                C too quiet             D more quiet

98You drive too _____ .

      A very fast B faster                  C the fastest           D fast

99  Cars and factories _____ the air.

      A protect    B save                   C waste                  D pollute

100            Don’t throw that old paper in the bin. You should _____ it.

      A recycle   B waste                  C protect                D save




1B                   21 A                  41 A                  61 C                  81 C

2C                   22 D                  42 D                  62 B                  82 B

3C                   23 D                  43 D                  63 B                  83 D

4B                   24 A                  44 B                  64 B                  84 D

5D                   25 D                  45 A                  65 D                  85 A

6A                   26 B                  46 D                  66 A                  86 D

7C                   27 B                  47 A                  67 B                  87 A

8C                   28 C                  48 A                  68 B                  88 B

9B                   29 D                  49 A                  69 D                  89 D

10B                 30 B                  50 A                  70 B                  90 C

11B                 31 B                  51 D                  71 D                  91 D

12D                 32 C                  52 D                  72 D                  92 C

13A                 33 C                  53 C                  73 A                  93 B

14C                 34 B                  54 A                  74 D                  94 B

15B                 35 C                  55 B                  75 B                  95 C

16C                 36 B                  56 C                  76 C                  96 A

17D                 37 D                  57 D                  77 D                  97 B

18C                 38 B                  58 D                  78 A                  98 D

19D                 39 C                  59 C                  79 D                  99 D

20A                 40 C                  60 D                  80 C                  100 A