Underline the correct answers: A, B, C or D as in the example 0.

0    What are you __________ about?

      A think            B thought               Cthinking        D to think

1    My friends __________ on the computer.

      A often chat     B chat often           C are often chatting                       D are chatting often

2    At the moment we __________ our clothes.

      A wash            B are wash             C washing        D are washing

3    What’s that noise? __________ again?

      A She is shouting   B She shouts    C Is she shouting   D Does she shout

4    That’s right. I __________ with you.

      A agree            B am agree             C am agreeing  D agreeing

5    My brother is really __________ He can’t sit quietly for two minutes!

      A modest         B lively                  C arrogant        D generous

6    They are coming this afternoon. __________?

      A They are       B Do they              C Are they       D Will they

7    My brother’s got a job at the bank. __________?

      A Is he             B Has he                C He has          D Does he

8    I’m __________ a teacher when I finish my studies.

      A being            B going to              C going to be   D be

9    He’s usually friendly but now he __________ to be alone.

      A want             B wants                  C is wanting     D does want

10  I must go. I __________ Sara for lunch.

      A meet             B meeting              C ’m meeting   D ’m meet

11  Could you tell me where __________?

      A is the telephone                             B the telephone is                       C the telephone  D does the telephone

12  Could you tell me what time __________?

      A the concert starts   B is the concert starting   C the concert does start   D does the concert start

13  We’re going to cross America __________ foot.

      A by                B to                        C on                D at

14  Yesterday I __________ really ill

      A feel              B fall                     C fell               D felt

15  I __________ about the problem for along time but I didn’t know what to do.

      A think            B thank                  C thought         D taught

16  Why __________ me from the station last night?

      A didn’t you telephone B you didn’t telephone C you don’t telephone  D don’t you telephone

17  He __________ want to come with us yesterday.

      A doesn’t         B didn’t                 C don’t            D not

18  __________ you the letter last week?

      A Does John give                          B Did John give     C John did give   D John gave

19  I __________ to be quiet but now I’m not.

      A use               B did                      C was              D used

20  They __________ to like us but now they do

      A didn’t use     B used                   C didn’t used   D didn’t

21  Where __________ to go on holidays?

      A did you        B did you used      C you used      D did you use

22  Did you find __________ who took your coat?

      A out               B up                       C in                 D about

23  What makes you feel really __________?

      A annoy           B annoys               C annoyed       D annoying

24  He’s always very __________ to listen to

      A interesting    B interest               C interested     D interests

25  What __________ when the accident happened?

      A he was doing                              B was he doing      C he did           D he did

26  I was walking along when I __________ a strangenoise.

      A hear              B was hearing        C was heard     D heard

27  They went on holiday in June. __________, they came home in September.

      A After            B End                    C Finally          D Last

28  The red car is __________ than the blue car

      A faster            B more fast            C more faster   D the fastest

29  John is __________ than Paul

      A lazy              B lazier                  C as lazy          D too lazy

30  This is the __________ film at the cinema.

      A better            B good                   C great             D best

31  Cheryl is the __________ girl in my class.

      A beautiful      B more beautiful    C beauty          D most beautiful

32  He’s not as __________ I thought.

      A intelligent asB intelligent than    C intelligent like    D intelligent what

33  These big windows make this room really __________.

      A spacious       B tiny                     C bright           D cosy

34  The soup was __________ cold.

      A to                 B enough               C too               D two

35  This room isn’t __________ for our meeting.

      A big enough   B too big                C to big            D enough big

36  This is the shop __________ sells cheap clothes.

      A who              B where                 C which           D what

37  Who’s that man __________ was talking to you?

      A whose          B who                    C what             D which

38  We haven’t got a garage so we keep the car on the __________.

      A attic              B drive                   C porch           D hedge

39  There’s the man __________ dog bit me.

      A whose          B who                    C which           D what

40  There __________ fruit on the table

      A is a               B are some             C is any           D is some

41  __________ eggs in this cake?

      A Is there any  B Is there an          C Are there some   D Are there any

42  There __________ houses that we can buy.

      A are a few      B is a few              C are a little     D is a little

43  There’s some cheese left but only __________.

      A a few            B one                     C a little           D any

44  There are __________ cars in this town. There’s nowhere to park.

      A too much      B too many            C too fast         D too big

45  __________ time have we got left before the exam?

      A How much   B How many         C How long     D How big

46  People say that in 100 years, there __________ be any food in the world.

      A will               B is going to           C won’t           D aren’t going to

47  Excuse me, waiter. Can we have the __________, please? We want to go now.

      A price             B bill                      C cost              D order

48  You __________ pass your driving test. You’re a terrible driver

      A won’t definitely                         B definitely will     C definitely won’t           D will definitely

49  If we __________ soon, we’ll be late.

      A aren’t leaving                             B don’t leave   C didn’t leave        D won’t leave

50  Do you enjoy __________ fishing?

      A go                 B to go                   C goes             D going

51  They would like __________ a better job .

      A to find          B find                    C finding         D found

52  He decided __________ to university.

      A to not go       B not going            C not to go       D not go

53  Why don’t you offer __________ us with the house work?

      A help              B to help                C helping         D helped

54  I really miss __________ near the sea.

      A live               B to live                 C living            D lived

55  Do you worry when you read about people cutting __________ the rain forests?

      A up                B down                  C out               D through

56  What activities are you most keen __________ doing?

      A at                  B on                       C in                 D of

57  I’m not really fond __________ animals.

      A on                B in                        C of                 D at

58  He loves arguing and trying to help the world. I think he will be a _________ when he grows up

      A politician      B politics               C political        D politic

59  This is the first time I have ever ________ Chinese tea

      A drink            B drank                  C drunk           D drinking

60  I _______spoken to her today

      A not               B didn’t                 C wasn’t          D haven’t

61  They used to be good friends but now they have fallen _______ with each other

      A up                B out                      C in                 D down

62  Last week we __________ a film in our English lesson

      A have watched                             B had watchedC watched             D were watched

63  I don’t want to see this film. I’ve __________ seen it. I saw it last year

      A already         B just                     C yet                D ever

64  The government has been in power __________ seven years

      A ago               B from                   C for                D since

65  We’ve been here __________ five o’clock

      A ago               B since                   C from             D for

66  It seems __________ me that we are lost

      A by                B for                      C to                 D from

67  Every year this town __________ by over a million people

      A visits            B is visited             C are visited    D visited

68  What’s happened? My watch __________

      A has stolen     B is stolen              C have been stolen                        D has been stolen

69  My uncle __________ us a present when he came to stay

      A was given     B gave                   C is given        D has been given

70  The car __________ by my mother

      A was driven   B drove                  C driven          D has driven

71  I got there at seven but I was too late. They __________

      A already left   B already were left                        C have already left    D had already left

72  Yesterday, she walked to school with her friend. She __________ her for two weeks before that

      A hadn’t seen  B didn’t see           C wasn’t seeing     D hasn’t seen

73  We went to a restaurant and then __________ a film

      A had seen       B have seen           C saw              D were seeing

74  I knew when I saw her that she was the most beautiful woman I __________

      A have ever seen  B ever see         C ever saw       D had ever seen

75  Do you think that __________ meat is unhealthy?

      A                   B the                      C a                   D an

76  I had to go to see __________ manager at work

      A a                   B the                      C an                 D

77  We have got a lot of __________ pictures on the bedroom wall

      A the                B                          C some            D a

78  Here is the news. Last night __________ dangerous criminal escaped from prison

      A                   B an                       C a                   D the

79  He __________ me that he wasn’t happy

      A said              B says                    C tells              D told

80  She __________ that she wanted to leave

      A said              B tells                    C says              D told

81  ‘I’m hungry.’ He said that __________ hungry

      A I am             B he is                   C he was          D I was

82  She said that she had been to Canada. ‘I __________ to Canada,’ she said

      A had been      B have been           C was              D has been

83  ‘It will be cold tomorrow.’ It said on the news that it __________ be cold tomorrow

      A had               B would                 C was              D is

84  If I __________ you, I wouldn’t watch this film

      A were             B had been            C would be      D am

85  If you __________ here, where would you be?

      A aren’t           B wouldn’t be        C wasn’t          D weren’t

86  He wouldn’t keep coming here if you __________ invite him.

      A wouldn’t      B hadn’t                 C didn’t           D don’t

87  What would you do if the school __________ tomorrow?

      A closes           B closed                 C had closed    D would close

88  If you became President, what laws __________?

      A would you pass  B you would passC you passed    D did you pass

89  I really like this place. __________, the people are very friendly.

      AHowever      B On the other hand  C Although  D What’s more

90  You mustn’t __________ in the cinema.

      Ato smoke      B smoking             C smoke          D smoked

91  In America, you __________ be over twenty-one to drink alcohol.

      Amustn’t         B don’t have to      C should          D have to

92  It’s better __________ walk through the park at night. It can be dangerous.

      Anot walking  B to not walk         C not to walk   D don’t walk

93  It’s a great feeling when you __________ do anything and you can stay in bed all day!

      Adon’t have to                              B mustn’t         C shouldn’t            D haven’t to

94  The government have just __________ a law banning smoking in restaurants.

      Apassed          B put                      C done             D signed

95  How about __________ ice skating tonight?

      Awe go           B to go                   C we’ll go        D going

96  Everybody knows how to cook, __________ they?

      Aaren’t           B don’t                  C doesn’t         D isn’t

97  Nobody failed their final exams, _______?

      Adidn’t they   B do they               C did they        D have they

98  She __________ too much money, doesn’t she?

      Aspent            B spends                C spendD       doesn’t spend

99  The police arrested a __________ last night.

      Aburglary       B crimeC theft      D robber

100      We saw a brilliant film last night. It was really __________.

      Aamazing       B forgettable          C predictable   D dull


1a                    21 d                   41 d                   61 b                   81 c

2d                    22 a                   42 a                   62 c                   82 b

3c                    23 c                   43 c                   63 a                   83 b

4a                    24 a                   44 b                   64 c                   84 a

5b                    25 b                   45 a                   65 b                   85 d

6c                    26 d                   46 c                   66 c                   86 c

7b                    27 c                   47 b                   67 b                   87 b

8c                    28 a                   48 c                   68 d                   88 a

9b                    29 b                   49 b                   69 b                   89 d

10c                  30 d                   50 d                   70 a                   90 c

11b                  31 d                   51 a                   71 d                   91 d

12a                  32 a                   52 c                   72 a                   92 c

13c                  33 c                   53 b                   73 c                   93 a

14d                  34 c                   54 c                   74 d                   94 a

15c                  35 a                   55 b                   75 a                   95 d

16a                  36 c                   56 b                   76 b                   96 b

17b                  37 b                   57 c                   77 b                   97 c

18b                  38 b                   58 a                   78 c                   98 b

19d                  39 a                   59 c                   79 d                   99 d

20a                  40 d                   60 d                   80 a                   100 a