Circle the correct answers: A, B, C or D as in the example 0.

0    What _____ about my idea for the holidays?

      Ado you think                                          B you think                  C are you thinking    D you are thinking

1    More and more young people _____ our club these days.

      A join              B don’t join                       C are joining                D aren’t joining

2    We _____ always on time for school on Monday.

      A are                B arrive                              C come                        D get

3    I don’t know how you put _____ with those people.

      A on                B out                                  C off                           D up

4    He really thinks a lot of _____.

      A him              B his                                  C himself                     D he

5    We have to try and understand _____ if we want to live together.

      A us                 B together                          C ourselves                  D each other

6    I’ve got a new sweatshirt with a _____ for when it is cold.

      A top               B hood                               C cover                        D lid

7    How long _____ that book?

      A you have been reading   Byou have read

      C have you read                D have you been reading

8    We’ve had this car since _____.

      A a long time                     B at least 3years

      C more than 6months       Dmy aunt died

9    Be careful you don’t _____ that file on the computer.

      A destroy         B undo                               C delete                       D remove

10  If the battery is too_____ , your phone won’t work.

      A low               B soft                                 C down                        D slow

11  The thing you are looking for is made _____ plastic.

      A for                B of                                   C up of                        D on

12  Can you help me? My phone is out of _____.

      A working        B place                              C order                        D time

13  I _____ along the road when I saw the card.

      A was walkingB walked                           C have walked             D had walked

14  When they arrived, we _____ the game.

      A have already finished     B were already finished                      

      C had already finished      D already finished

15  When I opened the door, I _____ my friend.

      A was seeing                      B saw                     C have seen           D had seen

16  The police asked if there were any _____ who had seen the crime.

      A witnesses                        B victims               C juries                  D judges

17  _____ to play tennis when you were younger?

      A Would you                     B You used            C Did you              D Did you use

18  I remember he _____ always fall asleep on the sofa.

      A had                                 B used                   C would                 D did

19  I think you _____ to go to bed.

      A ought                              B should                C must                   D can

20  What time _____ get up yesterday?

      A did you have                  B must you            C did you have to  D were you having to

21  He’s very _____ and never thinks of anyone else.

      A tolerant                           B selfish                C balanced            D decisive

22  Do you _____ if I smoke?

      A mind                              B wonder               C matter                 D upset

23  He’s so relaxed. The most laid - _____ person I know.

      A out                                 B down                  C over                   D back

24  Don’t be _____ . You’ve eaten enough for one day.

      A stubborn                         B greedy                C gloomy               D cheeky

25  I think your idea _____ probably work.

      A might                              B won’t                  C will                     D is going to

26  Do you think we will still be alive _____ the end of the century?

      A in                                   B by                       C for                      D on

27  Problems with water could _____ to a new world war.

      A come                              B face                    C bring                  D lead

28  AI’m cold. Are you?  B_____ the fire on if you like.

      A I’ll put                            B I’m putting         C I’m going to putD I put

29  Did you hear about the volcanic _____ last night?

      A erupt                              B eruption              C erupting              D erupted

30  The next train to Hull _____ in ten minutes.

      A will leave                       B is leaving            C leaves                 D is going to leave

31  If something _____ wrong, I always get the blame.

      A will go                            B is going               C would go            D goes

32  I _____ surprised if Sue is late this afternoon.

      A am not                            B won’t be             C wouldn’t be        D wasn’t

33  If we _____ in Spain, I’d support Sevilla.

      A live                                 B would live          C will live              D lived

34  The new girl is as quiet _____ a mouse.

      A as                                   B than                    C like                     D from

35  She _____ win this year. She’s much better than anyone else.

      A musthave                      B probably won’t   C will definitely     D is certain

36  I won’t help you _____ you promise to help me too.

      A if                                    B unless                 C provided            D on condition

37  As soon as I _____ home, I’ll phone you.

      A will get                           B got                      C get                      D would get

38  If we had taken a map, we _____ lost.

      A wouldn’t get                   B didn’t get            C hadn’t got           D wouldn’t have got

39  What would you have done if you _____ the lottery last year?

      A won                                B would have wonC had won             D would win

40  You _____ not tell anyone where you were.

      A ‘d better                         B might                  C ought                  D best

41  If I _____ you, I’d apologise.

      A am                                  B were                   C had been            D would be

42  I hope I’ll be able to _____ this fear of spiders.

      A overcome                       B overdo                C overtake             D oversee

43  I wish I _____ so much work to do today.

      A didn’t have                     B don’t have          C wouldn’t have    D haven’t got

44  If only I _____ about this place last year.

      A would know                   B knew                  C had known         D have known

45  They _____ to hospital in an ambulance.

      A took                               B had taken           C were taken         D have taken

46  The others _____ something to eat by the kitchen staff  at the moment.

      A are being given               B are giving           C were giving        D give

47  Where were you being _____ to?

      A drive                              B drove                  C driving               D driven

48  You should wear elbow _____ when you are climbing.

      A bags                               B pads                   C stops                  D breaks

49  Come on, it’s time to _____ the plane.

      A board                             B climb                  C get into               D take off

50  Only one _____ four people enjoy flying.

      A from                               B in                        C of                       D out

51  ‘I’m not going to lie.’ She said she _____ lie.

      A was going not to             B isn’t going to      C wasn’t going to   Dis going not to

52  ‘I wasn’t there.’ He said _____ there.

      A I wasn’t                          B he wasn’t            C he hadn’t been   D he hasn’t been

53  ‘We’ll do it now.’ She promised that they would do it _____.

      A now                                B then                    C that day              D that time

54  ‘We can go on holiday next week.’ He explained they could go on holiday _____.

      A next week                      B the following week

      C the week before             D the previous week

55  He _____ out of university because it was too difficult.

      A fell                                 B walked               C jumped               D dropped

56  There are laws against _____ truant from school.

      A making                           B playing               C going                  D being

57  ‘Have you finished?’ He asked us _____ finished.

      A had we                           B have we              C if we have          D if we had

58  ‘What do you think?’ She asked me what _____ .

      A I thought                        B I think                C did I think          D do I think

59  ‘Don’t talk with your mouth full.’ He told me _____ talk with my mouth full.

      A don’t                              B to not                  C not to                 D not

60  Look at all the broken glass. There _____ an accident.

      A might be                         B must be              C must have been  D might have been

61  He _____ have got lost. He’s got a map.

      A may                                B could                  C can’t                   D mustn’t

62  We don’t know what happened exactly, but we’re sure  it _____ have been an accident.

      A could not                        B must not             C might not            D may not

63  They _____ so that no one would hear them.

      A yawned                          B sighed                 C giggled               D whispered

64  He _____ at his watch very quickly.

      A stared                             B glanced               C frowned             D gazed

65  This is a really _____ room. It’s huge!

      A spacious                         B cramped             C cosy                   D shabby

66  Doesn’t anybody live here? No, it’s _____.

      A filthy                              B uninhabited        C gloomy               D charming

67  I think _____ is the best invention ever.

      A a computer                     B the computer      C computers          D computer

68  _____ we met on holiday are coming to see us soon.

      A A person                        B People                C The people         D The person

69  This is a very _____ hotel. You have to wear a suit  when you go to dinner.

      A posh                               B vain                    C flattering            D strange

70  My father started going _____ in his twenties and now  he has no hair at all.

      A shaved                           B bald                    C bare                    D cropped

71  My mum is _____ her hair cut at the moment.    

      A being                              B cutting                C having                D making

72  We had our photos _____ at school last week.

      A take                                B took                    C taking                 D taken

73  I need to go to the hairdressers. My _____ is getting in my eyes.

      A fringe                             B parting                C stubble               D pony tail

74  This cream says it stops you getting _____ on your face when you get old.

      A highlights                       B dimples              C wrinkles             D plaits

75  Can I ask you where _____ from?

      A do you come                  B are you               C you come           D did you come

76  I wonder _____ us.

      A if he likes                       B does he like        C that he likes        D he likes

77  Do you know what _____ last year?

      A did he                             B did he do            C he did                 D he did do

78  This is the first time I’ve acted on a real _____.

      A festival                           B gallery                C venue                 D stage

79  The whole _____ stood up and applauded at the end of the play.

      A crowd                             B spectators           C group                 D audience

80  _____ on! Let me finish!

      A Wait                               B Hold                   C Keep                  D Stay

81  I’m sorry. I didn’t _____ that. Could you say it again?

      A get                                  B have                   C take                    D do

82  The play was absolutely _____!

      A good                               B interesting           C brilliant              D bad

83  I thought the film was a bit _____.

      A funny                             B boring                 C clever                 D nice

84  _____ Liverpool and Manchester are in the north-west  of England.

      A Either                             B Neither               C Each of              D Both

85  Neither John _____ I are going to the wedding.

      A nor                                 B or                       C and                     D not

86  _____ my friends want to work abroad after university.

      A Every                             B Most                   C Any of               D All of

87  At the end of the football match, the fans ran onto  the _____.

      A pitch                               B course                C stadium              D court

88  The _____ gave the home team a penalty.

      A judge                              B manager             C referee               D conductor

89  He was the _____ most expensive player ever.

      A club                                B clubs’                 C clubs                  D club’s

90  It was the _____ fault. They were being silly.

      A boys                               B boy                     C boys’                  D boy’s

91  Do you prefer team sports or _____ sports?

      A to make                          B lonely                 C individual           D single

92  You should cut _____ on sweet things. They’re unhealthy.

      A down                              B out                      C up                      D under

93  He wanted to avoid _____ the same mistake again.

      A to make                          B to making           C make                  D making

94  I look forward _____ from you.

      A hear                                B to hearing           C to hear                D hearing

95  I expect _____ from you soon.

      A to hear                            B hearing               C hear                    D to hearing

96  He let us _____ after five minutes.

      A to go                               B go                       C to going              D going

97  I hate these _____ stores. Every town is exactly the same.

      A chain                              B linked                 C team                   D group

98  You can try on the trousers in the _____ room.

      A trying                             B dressing              C changing            D showing

99  I’d like to _____ a complaint.

      A make                              B have                   C give                    D do

100      Can I exchange this shirt _____ something else?

      A to                                   B with                    C for                      D from


1 c                     18 c                   35 c                   52 c                   69 a                   86 d

2 a                     19 a                   36 b                   53 b                   70 b                   87 a

3 d                     20 c                   37 c                   54 b                   71 c